D4 Irish Pub & Cafe: Your St. Patrick’s Day Headquarters Near Two West Delaware
10 March 2021

St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner, and while we may not be celebrating as usual that’s no reason not to raise a pint of Guinness to the holiday! For a perfect meal in a pub that transports you to Ireland every time, visit D4 Irish Pub & Cafe. The owner, Brendan McNeill, is actually from Dublin, so you know that the design and the menu are truly authentic and exude real Irish spirit. 

In the spirit of the holiday, there are a few menu items you should try. The corned beef sandwich with Swiss and sauerkraut is an indulgent delight that will keep you full for hours. If you prefer an entree, grab the beer-battered fish and chips or the shepherd’s pie for a true taste of Ireland. Save room for a traditional bread pudding with dried fruit, creme anglaise, and candied walnuts—it’s a real Irish treat!
It’s not St. Paddy’s Day without a beverage, so try the Boozy Apple which pairs Jameson with Magners Cider or the Blacksmith which is Smithwick’s ale mixed with Guinness.