Don’t Miss the Carmen Pizza at Happy Camper
15 June 2020

The chefs at Happy Camper Pizza don’t shy away from any style of pie, whether it’s simple and classic or totally over the top. That’s why the menu has such a good variety of both. For instance, you can order a simple pepperoni pizza with marinara and mozzarella, but you can also dig into the Carmen pizza.

This pie is a bit more complicated. It starts with a layer of garlic and olive oil, followed by gooey cheddar cheese and sour cream, lettuce and diced tomatoes, red onions, olives, house-made red salsa and black bean-corn salsa, and, finally, pieces of blackened chicken. It’s just one of the many artisan pies on the menu at Happy Camper Pizza, an eatery that also allows you to build your own creation. Breadsticks and boozy beverages round out the menu at the restaurant, which is currently offering takeout and delivery.