Dr. Bird’s Brings the Authentic Flavors of Jamaica to Chicago
12 July 2021

Dr. Bird’s chef primarily draws culinary inspiration from Jamaican fare, but it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to classify the menu as strictly Caribbean. While the Jamaican patty may be the signature entree—a flaky, savory pastry stuffed with ingredients like chicken, beef, or spinach—the rest of the menu showcases cuisine inspired by all different types of global cuisine.

Since Dr. Bird’s opened a new location on Milwaukee Ave recently, now you can taste the type of cuisine that’s been wowing Buffalo, NY residents for nearly 40 years. Start with a signature patty, or try a different take on Caribbean food like the jerk roti, which features your choice of jerk meat over paratha roti (an Indian flatbread) with customizable toppings such as pickled red onion or sweet corn and pineapple relish. Travel north of the border with an order of the pop-style poutine, built on a base of black pepper fries. Complement your chosen dish, whatever it may be, with eclectic sides like curry fries, coco bread (infused with coconut milk and sugar), or Star Bwoy slaw, a mix of shredded cabbage, broccoli, and carrots with gochujang sauce and Jamaican spices.