Escape the Room at Escapades
11 March 2019

You’re locked inside Apartment 1145 in a Chicago building. There’s no extra set of keys, so you only have one option: you’ll have to follow clues and solve a series of elaborate riddles to escape — and you only have 60 minutes. This might be a far-fetched scenario in everyday life, but it’s a perfectly normal night out at Escapades.

Escapades offers three distinct experiences, including its beginner-friendly “Apt. 1145.” You can also live out a plot based loosely on a real-life political thriller at “Chi-Gate.” This escape room tasks guests with breaking into the DNC, bugging it, snapping photos of top-secret documents, and getting out, undetected, within 60 minutes. If you’d rather (safely) smash breakables, from glass vases to electronics, you can do so in the “Rage Room.” You suit up in safety gear before smashing the items in a cathartic display of brute strength.