Expect More Than Just Java at Cafe Deko, Now Open Near Two West
15 January 2021

Every coffee lover has a preference, be it a special brand, a certain roast, or a particular country of origin. But there’s one thing we can all agree on: a good cup of coffee is a magical thing. Sure, it keeps you going through your afternoon slump, but it can also give you something to look forward to—its heavenly aroma accompanied by a pastry or simply simmering in your favorite mug. 

Cafe Deko, a new addition to the Chicago landscape, understands the breadth of coffee’s appeal. As they put it, they offer “more than just coffee,” with a welcoming setting and drinks brewed with love. They aim to bring people together over their drink of choice, be it old friends catching up over cold brew or new loves blossoming between lattes. 

Non-coffee drinkers are welcome, too, of course! With organic blends from sweet cinnamon or mint to green and earl grey, tea lovers can indulge just as enthusiastically at Cafe Deko. Paired with a pastry or another “light bite” from a local bakery, you can make memories and build bonds with each sip of tea or coffee.