Grab Noodles for Lunch at RAMEN-SAN
12 February 2019

If you work in or near Streeterville, you have no shortage of lunch options, but newly opened RAMEN-SAN stands out in the crowd. Maybe it’s the unique fusion ramen bowls, or it could be the unexpected soundtrack — composed exclusively of ‘90s hip-hop. It’s mostly likely a combination of everything that’s drawing foodies to the new outpost of this small local chain.

When you only have a few minutes to grab your midday meal, try the express lunch. It comes with your choice of ramen noodles, from the signature tonkotsu and shio to the kimchi fried chicken version. You also get to choose veggie fried rice, miso salmon, or kaarage chicken uggets on the side, along with a salad and marinated cucumbers. If you’re stopping in for dinner or a late-night snack, pair your meal with Japanese whiskey or an extra-frosty beer—it goes through a flash-chiller before hitting your glass.