Keep Your Wits About You During a Chicago Hauntings Tours
11 October 2021

Chicago Hauntings Tours gives you the spooky experience you’re craving this fall!
For almost 20 years, Chicago Hauntings Tours has operated as one of Chicago’s most acclaimed, authentic, and researched ghost tours. Owned by historian and folklorist Ursula Bielski, Chicago Hauntings Tours is the premier Chicago ghost tour. The world-famous tours include the original Chicago Ghost Tour, the Lincoln Park Haunting Ghost Tour, the Devil in the White City Tour, or the Killers of Chicago Ghost Tour.
Named one of the top ten tours in America by Haunted America, Chicago Hauntings Tours offers its guests affordable entertainment, friendly customer service, and well-researched history. The company’s tours dive into some of the city’s most iconic dark history, like the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the Great Chicago Fire, killers like H.H. Holms, Leopold and Loeb, Gacy, and more. 
Tour prices vary depending on the tour, and discounted prices are available for children, seniors, and military service members. When you tour with Chicago Hauntings Tours, you’ll experience Chicago’s history in a dark, provocative, and scary way. Happy ghost hunting!