Savor an Artisan Cup of Coffee at Whispers Cafe
13 April 2018

At Whispers Cafe, the coffee isn't just part of the menu — it's the main event. The cafe's founder has traveled across the globe, taste-testing cups of joe at every pit stop. So he knew exactly what he wanted when he opened his own coffeehouse: superior java sourced from the best farmers in the world.

Cream and sugar are optional at Whispers Cafe, as you don't really need to add any flavor to the full-bodied espresso or house coffee. If you do want your hot beverage with a touch of milk, try the simple cafe latte or an Americano. Need a little added sweetness to get your morning going? Indulge in one of the "local favorites," like the vanilla-caramel latte, the Swiss orange mocha, or the Irish nut cream. Whispers Cafe also serves up fruit smoothies, sweet shakes, and a large selection of creamy gelatos.

nathan_dumlao_274731_640.jpgPublic Domain/Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash