Savor Authentic Thai and Japanese Food at Hom Mali
28 March 2019

The chef at Hom Mali takes the art of creating Thai and Japanese cuisine very seriously. He understands the careful balance that must be struck in order to make it authentic. That balance involves the delicate coordination of sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and bitter flavors in each colorful dish.

The menu is divided into two main sections, one for Thai food and the other for Japanese fare. On the Thai side, you’ll find dishes like Panang curry with Thai basil and bell peppers alongside tom yum fried rice topped with hot and sour jumbo shrimps. The Japanese menu encompasses a variety of bento boxes and sushi rolls, such as the Red Fin. This spicy sushi roll showcases tuna, avocado, cucumber, and flying fish roe, and it’s just one of the many sushi rolls on the menu at Hom Mali.