Shop Valentine’s Day Gifts at Mary Mary Creative Gifts & Furnishings
16 February 2021

If you’re not sure what you want to get for your special someone this Valentine's Day, head to Mary Mary Creative Gifts & Furnishings. Just steps away from the Magnificent Mile, the shop is decked from floor-to-ceiling with a hand-curated selection of gifts from across the globe. The best part? They even have a “men’s shop” area for the man who has it all. You’ll find fun chotchkies like desktop air hockey, foosball or ping pong, flasks, shoe shine kits, tech must-haves, dart boards and more. 

For the ladies in your life, there are a ton of options. There’s handcrafted jewelry, all sorts of fun homewares for the wino in your life, heart coasters and bowls, cheese boards to create your Valentine’s Day spread, and more. You can browse online or in the shop—we know you’ll find something perfect!