Try the Disco Fever Cocktail at Z Bar
11 September 2018

When Z Bar opened in the Near North neighborhood just a few months ago, it introduced a lineup of inventive contemporary cocktails to Chicago's mixology scene. So far, the Disco Fever has caught the attention of guests. The cocktail brings together vodka, mandarin orange, passionfruit, champagne, and a dash of lemon. Regulars also love the Strange Magic, a surprisingly simple mix of champagne and eau de vie that results in complex flavors.

The innovative libations are just part of the menu. It also showcases a collection of snacks and small plates designed to share with friends. Start with a few of the small dishes, like the upscale version of Ants on a Log, which is actually celery with creme fraiche and caviar on top, and foie gras bon bons. Then pass around the larger tapas plates, like the spicy Korean Goggi wings and the mini Wagyu beef sliders. If you're still hungry, Z Bar does offer a small selection of entrees, as well as a handful of desserts.