Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo This Summer
10 June 2021

Outdoor, free, and fun, Lincoln Park Zoo is open and ready to welcome you back. To keep crowds in check and be able to maintain social distance, the zoo requires reservations for your chosen time slot. But that just means less folks for you to jostle around, and a much better view of the nearly 200 species that call the zoo home. Come see the zany lemurs and Colobus monkeys running around, or the sleepy Eastern Black Rhinoceros lumbering about his enclosure. For a free resource, the Lincoln Park Zoo has an incredible variety of animals to see, and an exceptionally well-maintained area to enjoy. 

Plus, the zoo is focused on conservation and science endeavors, as well as youth programs like camps, field trips, and more. If you have little ones, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a great place to introduce them to the importance of eco-conscious habits to support wildlife. For all the details on the zoo, including maps, reservations, and special programs, just visit the website.