VomFASS: Order Gourmet Groceries From Your Couch at Two West
16 October 2020

Ordering from the online store at VomFASS is like going to a gourmet grocery store, just without the unnecessary trip. The extra virgin olive oils are the main event, and VomFASS’s team goes to great lengths to ensure they’re high quality. That includes handpicking every producer and getting to know them personally, as well as learning every detail of their process, from the types of olives to the harvesting methods.

Order an EVOO originating in Spain, Italy, or Greece, or try one of the infused olive oils. Flavors like garlic, lemon, and even spicy jalapeno will add some oomph to just about any dish. The online retailer also offers other gourmet food and gifts, such as specialty pasta, honey, spices, and teas. You’ll even find unusual spirits in the virtual store, like pink grapefruit liqueur and hot pepper vodka, to name just a few.