What to Do This Summer: Explore Chicago's Magnificent Mile
15 July 2019

The Magnificent Mile has countless features that make it a unique destination. Hotels, shopping, restaurants, and attractions all reside in the jam-packed stretch in the heart of Chicago, not far from your apartment at Two West! What other place comes to mind that is not only an international travel destination, but also a place that locals use and enjoy on a daily basis? 

Whether you have family visiting, need a hot new place to go eat, want to learn more about the historical significance of its buildings, or simply need a few new things to wear, everything you need is at The Magnificent Mile. And it’s not just the fixtures that you see each time you pass through that make “The Mile” worth visiting. The events calendar has something every week to take advantage of the unique landscape and make-up of the area. Don’t miss out on a single bit of The Magnificent Miles’ many features by bookmarking the website!